Free Resources

We strive to provide quality resources for our community. Check out and share our available resources as needed. We will be updating this page with even more exciting resources throughout 2019!

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What's in our library?

Gardens are a great place to enjoy a book together. This free pdf is a compilation of City Blossoms’ favorite books for kids and their educators. This resource includes over 200 garden, nature, and food-themed books for children ages two through ten.


What's In a City Blossoms' Cooking Box?

This free pdf outlines our favorite tools and pantry items to keep on hand for preparing garden fresh recipes. City Blossoms’ Cooking Boxes are designed to provide everything you’ll need to easily make a range of recipes with 15-25 kids in any classroom or garden.

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What's The Best Garden for you?

City Blossoms has been co-designing and building kid and youth driven outdoor classrooms for over 10 years with students, parents, educators, and neighbors. This free pdf presents what types of questions you should ask yourself and your team when outlining a new garden project. This worksheet helps identify all of the tools you’ll need to make a truly sustainable space.