City Blossoms accomplishes its mission through five programs: Early Growers, School Garden Partners, Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative, Community Green Spaces, and Training & Resource Development. These programs incorporate free or affordable in-school and out-of-school activities, community engagement opportunities, resources, and coaching to create holistic expressions of the culture and needs of each community through green space.

Educator Trainings

We support educators and community members by providing large and small group coaching around garden and nature- based education, program and resource development, and facilitation of community focused engagement, with a particular focus on cultural connectivity. Past and current partners include the U.S. Botanical Garden, The Nature Conservancy, and Food Corps.

If you or your organization is interested in receiving a training in the Washington area or nationally, please email If your school is looking for support with its garden based program, visit our School Garden Partners Program page.


Consulting & Resource Development

Content Development

City Blossoms references years of expertise to support the creation of hands-on curricula and program designs for all ages from early childhood through high school.  Topics may include planning a scope and sequence for a year's worth of activities; integration of garden-based activities into the classroom; and alignment of curriculum with garden-based lessons, content standards, and educational focus. 

Program implementation

Our services are ideal for schools, organizations, and foundations whether they have a pre-existing initiative that requires execution or those who may still be in the conceptualization stage.  City Blossoms will implement your garden-education based program, including organizing the logistics of bringing a program from conception to implementation.

Visit our Shop to check out resources available for purchase. We also have a number of free resources available digitally. Contact us at for more information and to receive a copy of our consulting menu.


Consulting at a Glance


The Nature Works Everywhere program is part of The Nature Conservancy and is one example of our impactful partnerships that allow us to work with communities outside of DC. City Blossoms has worked with The Nature Conservancy since 2012 to help implement their Nature Works Everywhere program, which includes curriculum implementation, teacher trainings, and how-to videos like this one.

The U.S. botanic Garden

In 2018 City Blossoms was contracted to support the development of shareable, free resources for the U.S. botanic Gardens. A Greenhouse Manual for school gardens will be published at the end of 2018.