Consulting Practice

City Blossoms provides support to schools, foundations, and organizations locally and nationally.  Our consulting services include hands-on school support, professional development, content development, and program implementation.  We see each site, school, and group as a unique opportunity, and as a result, consulting is customized to the needs of each partner.


school support 

Using our extensive experience and knowledge, City Blossoms will assist with the design, maintenance, installation, and programming of a green space that is specific to the needs, culture, strengths, and interests of participants and the larger community.  Programming will include workshops for children ages two- through 18-years-old, and a series of workshops that incorporates the community.

professional development 

Teacher training for groups from schools or organizations are designed to help educators learn how to incorporate green spaces into their classrooms through City Blossoms' tried-and-true resources, lessons, and recipes.  Sample topics include cooking in the garden, classroom management, planting plans, and gardening 101.

content Development

City Blossoms references years of expertise to support the creation of hands-on curricula and program designs for all ages from early childhood through high school.  Topics may include planning a scope and sequence for a year's worth of activities; integration of garden-based activities into the classroom; and alignment of curriculum with garden-based lessons, content standards, and educational focus. 

Program implementation

Our services are ideal for schools, organizations, and foundations whether they have a pre-existing initiative that requires execution or those who may still be in the conceptualization stage.  City Blossoms will implement your garden-education based program, including organizing the logistics of bringing a program from conception to implementation. 


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City Blossoms is an inspiring group to work with! Partnering with them is one of the best opportunities for engaging youth in urban green spaces and outdoor education in DC. With the help of City Blossoms, I was able to structure cooking and gardening classes for my entire school. City Blossom’s playful yet thoughtful approach teaches kids to love and care deeply for the green spaces around them.
— Tara McNerney, Sustainability Coordinator/Gardening Teacher

Partnerships at a Glance

The nature Conservancy

The Nature Works Everwhere program is one example of our impactful partnerships that allow us to work with communities outside of DC.

City Blossoms has worked with The Nature Conservancy for the last four years to help implement their Nature Works Everywhere program, which includes curriculum implementation, teacher trainings, and how-to videos like this one.

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Our Partners

Cardozo Education Campus
Cleveland Elementary School
DC Bilingual Public Charter School
DC Dept of Parks and Recreation
DC Promise Neighborhoods Initiative
Eastern High School
Food Corps
Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs
Mundo Verde Charter School
The Nature Conservancy
Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
Randle Highlands Elementary School
West Elementary School