How kid-driven creative green spaces help communities grow stronger and become healthier.

Our Impact

To City Blossoms, impact means fostering a world in which children and families can build healthy communities for themselves through the creation and cultivation of kid-driven green space.

Early Growers

In just seven months, this program provided free, garden-based experiences to 256 individual children over 236 hours, provided $1,200 worth of materials and educator stipends to 11 early childhood sites, and trained 12 educators.

School Garden Partners

City Blossoms partnered with 12 local schools, supporting green spaces used by 5,401 students throughout the District.

Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative

Mighty Greens made $11,000, their largest profit since their founding in 2012. 55 Youth Staff received a portion of the profits cooperatively divided based on participation.

Community Green Spaces

City Blossoms provided over 300 hours of free or affordable programming, through which 1,568 individual visited one of three Community Green Spaces. Overall, 2,715 visits were recorded in three of our Community Green Spaces.

Resources & Trainings

Our Staff trained 420 educators across the country with partners such as The Nature Conservancy. Including trainings in Philadelphia, Ithaca, Miami, Los Angeles and our DC based headquarters, the City Blossoms Studio.

Through all of these efforts 14,459 children and youth were able to engage in and nurture green spaces in DC and across the country.

Learn more about the impact we made in 2018. Check out our first Annual Report.


2017 Financials

Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2017

Statement of Activities
January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017


Cash: $35,710
Accounts Receivable: $10,878
Grants Receivable: $85,000
Other Assets: $133,861
Total Assets: $133,861

Liability & Net Assets

Accounts Payable: $11,543
Other Liabilities: $1,500
Total Liabilities: $13,043

Net Assets

Temporary Restricted: $85,000
Income & Unrestricted: $35,818
Total Net Assets: $120,818
Total Liabilities and Equity: $133,861


Foundation Grants: $198,000
Government Grants: $67.126.91
Earned Income: $105,013.82
Individual & Business Donations: $98,558.17
Other Income (in-kind, rental,
donated professional fees): $33,444.27
Total Revenue: $502,143.17


Personnel Costs: $295,041.32
Garden & Classroom Expenses: $52,968.96
General Expenses: $108,463.28
Professional Fees: $49,768.36
Total Expenses: $506,241.92
Net Income: ($4,098)


Supporters & Partners

Thank you for helping make the gardens come to life!