Although I have always been passionate about protecting the environment, I never got involved in any environmental program before college. However, becoming part of City Blossoms has allowed me to understand our need to create more green spaces in the city. Such spaces provide organic, fresh, and healthy food to our table keeping us and our families strong and fit.
— Keisna Sosa, former Communications + Admin Fellow

What We've Achieved

  • In 2014, ensured 8,000 children, youth, and families had access to safe, healthy, and green environments
  • To date, we have worked with 42 different schools and sites across the country to create green spaces
  • As consultants, we have trained 250 educators through partnerships with Food Corps, The Nature Conservancy, and DC schools
  • Developed and published bilingual teaching tools in the form or our cookbook, Garden Gastronomy, and our early-childhood curriculum, Our First Harvest
  • Winner of the American Horticultural Society's Jane L. Taylor Award, given to an organization that has inspired and nurtured future horticulturalists through efforts in children's and youth gardening
  • Recently featured on the Rachael Ray Show in collaboration with Food Corps showcasing the transformative work being done at Eastern High School
  • Awarded the Board Leadership Award from the Center for Nonprofit Advancement for outstanding leadership from the CB Board of Directors