City Blossoms accomplishes its mission through five focus areas that incorporate free or affordable in-school and out-of-school programming, community engagement opportunities, resources, and trainings to create green spaces that are holistic expressions of the culture and needs of communities.

Community Green Spaces

We create Community Green Spaces to act as hubs for community organizations, schools, businesses, and neighbors to share common, safe, green spaces. The Community Green Spaces are interactive, communal, and children-focused gardens that transform unused and under-used land into green spaces where youth and adults can interact with their natural environment and explore their creativity. At Open Times, participants learn about the environment, urban agriculture, nutritious food, and participate in the creation of public art. We also provide customized field trips for classrooms of all ages. Check out our calendar for more information about community events and volunteer opportunities. To learn about Community Green Spaces, email


Early Growers

We use our bilingual early childhood curriculum, Our First Harvest/Nuestra Primera Cosecha, to work with children ages two to five. We partner with educators to design age-appropriate gardens and programming to help participants make their first connections to nature and food. Our First Harvest is available for purchase in our shop. To learn more about the Early Growers program, email


Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative

We partner with high schools to manage a year-round, garden-based youth entrepreneurship cooperative program. At the core of the program is a youth-led business called Mighty Greens through which participants combine elements of environmental and food justice with microenterprise and job readiness skills development. Participants maintain garden spaces, make added-value products, and sell those products and produce back to their communities. To learn more about the Youth Entrepreneurship program, email


School Garden Partners

We work with coordinated groups of elementary and middle schools to design and incorporate gardens into their programming over multiple years. City Blossoms is always interested in collaborating to with new schools and education centers to create gardens and curricula that meet the needs of the school community. Check out our consulting page to learn more, or contact to explore potential partnerships.  If your school isn't quite ready for a garden yet, consider a field trip to one of our gardens with your class.


Resources and Trainings

We support educators and community members by providing trainings around garden education and maintenance, with a particular focus on cultural connectivity.  Trainees receive skills development around building a garden, cooking with kids, garden management, and community engagement.  We also produce sharable resources such as our bilingual cookbook, Garden Gastronomy/Gastronomía del Jardín, and our early childhood curriculum, both available in our shop