Who We Are

City Blossoms fosters healthy communities through innovative, community-engaging programming and green spaces. Since 2009, City Blossoms has designed, developed, collaborated on, and provided programming or trainings for over 100 projects throughout Washington, DC and nationwide. Through our work with hundreds of community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, schools, and learnings centers, we serve all people, with a particular focus on low-income communities and Latino, African-American, and immigrant youth.  We serve neighborhoods in which children and youth may not otherwise have access to green space.

Washington DC is our home base where we test and innovate new ideas for designing and implementing urban gardens that are communal, educational, artistic expressions of their surroundings. Thousands of participants, from toddlers through teens, have been engaged as cultivators using their creativity, intellect, and energy to shape their communities through fantastic and functional gardens.

To disseminate what we learn, City Blossoms develops partnerships with schools and community-based organizations both in our home, Washington DC, and across the country. We accomplish this with a team of knowledgeable educators who share our unique model that interweaves four core elements: healthy living skills, environmental education, artistic expression, and community development.

To see our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, click here.


We envision communities that inspire healthy living and creativity through the innovative use of green spaces.


We develop and implement innovative programming and tools that build healthy neighborhoods and schools through creative, kid-driven green spaces.

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