Youth living in urban neighborhoods lack access to safe, green spaces which often contributes to social and health issues; to address this, City Blossoms' sites provide a tangible solution grounded in community collaboration.

What We Do

Nationally we face a crisis of cultural distance between people and the environment with serious negative impact to our local ecosystems. The effects of this crisis on our communities is evidenced by the lack of access to fresh, nutritious produce; healthy living habits; and safe access to green spaces promoting environmental conscientiousness for urban residents.

City Blossoms combats this cultural crisis with our unique model of community engagement built on four key tenants: healthy living habits, community development, environmental education, and artistic expression.  In every green space that City Blossoms builds and maintains, we work to incorporate each element so that children and youth can use their intellect, creativity, and energy to grow fantastic and functional gardens.  The objective of our work is to address these critical issues amongst communities through tangible, concrete action.

Our philosophy is that collaboration with community stakeholders to create holistic, accessible green spaces for people of all ages to engage with the environment and each other sets us on the path for today's youth to become the next generation of stewards and community advocates. 


Our Cycle of Growth

As a growing organization, City Blossoms has launched a cycle of designing, testing, packaging, and sharing our best practices to a wider audience in order to expand the reach of City Blossoms' impact and to sustain our growth.

We ensure relevance in programming through a cycle of evaluation, practice, and recording in order to maintain the highest standards in our work output. As we develop more methods of sharing our experience and methods with others, we look forward to working with you. To learn more, click here to view a copy of our latest strategic plan.


Our Community Map

City Blossoms works with sites locally and nationally to bring green spaces to communities in need of them.  Check out the interactive map below to explore where we have been.