City Blossoms integrates community-oriented gardening, early childhood education, youth entrepreneurship opportunities, and interactive art to create green spaces that are holistic expressions of the culture and needs of communities.

Community Green Spaces

An example of successful private-public partnerships, Community Green Spaces (CGS) are communally planted multi-purpose spaces, open to the general public, that provide free and affordable programs for youth and families with a primary focus on out-of-school time.  City Blossoms creates Community Green Spaces to act as hubs for community organizations, schools, businesses, and neighbors to share common safe, green spaces. The CGS are strategically located in the Columbia Heights, Shaw, and Kenilworth-Parkside neighborhoods.  We are always interested in engaging partners through field trips, events, open times, or volunteer opportunities at CGS. 


Early Childhood Education

City Blossoms specializes in bilingual, early childhood, garden-based education for children ages two- to five-years-old. We have tested and recorded our best practices into our bilingual curriculum, Our First Harvest, which is available for purchase here


Mighty Greens

Mighty Greens, our Youth Entrepreneurship Program, combines garden-education with business skills to prepare high school students for possible next-level careers and job-readiness.  Participants maintain garden spaces, produce added-value products, and sell those products and produce back to their communities. To learn more about the Mighty Greens program, email


Garden Arts

Beyond traditional garden-education, City Blossoms emphasizes art as another avenue for community building in each space. City Blossoms is always interested in collaborating to create new art experiences in Community Green Spaces and partner gardens.  To explore potential partnerships, contact